Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Media issues and debates.

Contempary British broadcasting.

What is the future of british TV?

After watching a documentry in class we found the followig things:

What are the key issues affecting British telivision today?
  • New technology
  • Funding
  • Fragmental audience

What will be the key skill factors in ensuring the sucess or downfall in the future?

  • Different models of funding and production.
  • Format selling.
  • Trans media model.
  • Use of new technology.

What other issues can you think of that may/will affect British broadcasting?

  • Declining popularity of TV as a medium.
  • Quality of American programming more cost effective to buy programmes in than make them.
  • P S B (Public servise broadcasting) means that there are laws regarding product placement and othere elements of output.

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